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Local L.A. Fashion Designer Rachel London out to see Betsey. Betsey with photog Jack Fleming. And a model wearing some things from the Betsey Johnson Collection.

photographs by ... Jack Fleming / ToTaLLy CoOL ®

The word got around and L.A. came out to see Betsey ... and also to wish her a Happy Birthday. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Betsey xox
A Limited Edition - Betsey Johnson Creation

WWE Wrestling Diva Alicia Fox with Betsey. Alicia is a huge fan of Betsey Johnson. So she also came by for a little visit : )

For those who do not know -- Betsey Johnson,
a long established icon in American Fashion History for many Decades, is one of the most colorful (if not the Most colorful) Fashion Designers in America. Her designs, whether clothes or accessories, are always bright and glow like some sort of energy from the sun. The one thing to be said about Betsey, above all things, is ... she is: Real, as real as it gets. She does not walk around with her nose up in the air and her fame has not affected her or the sincere warmth of her heart in any way. 

To toast the 10 Year Anniversary at The Grove in Los Angeles ... Betsey Johnson made a personal appearance at Nordstrom's Department Store to celebrate her own Birthday and The Unveiling of the pink silver spiked one-of-a-kind Limited Edition Anniversary Shoe created by none other than Betsey Johnson herself.  Shoppers, Fans, and the general public were able to meet with Betsey one to one and even try on the Betsey Johnson Grove Anniversary Shoe if they liked. Below you will see a photograph of all the guests that came to see Betsey, which is quite Impressive, and she was happy to stay to greet every last one who was there !!! People had their photo snapped with the famed fashion icon, and received a free tote bag and coin purse. Also if a Shopper brought any of the Betsey Johnson Creations valued at $50 or more they got to take home an exclusive thank you gift from Betsey.  A Special Day that many will remember for a long time : )

Special Thanks to:
HL Group Public Relations, Factory PR, and Nordstrom's.

photographs by: JACK FLEMING ... for ToTaLLy CoOL ®